11 – 29 June 2022 at 333 Gallery

In the context of Thai society, it is certain that religion is highly valued and given tremendous significance. In fact, the relationship between state and religion is so close to being inseparable. Regardless of how many decades have passed, it develops deeply rooted myths that continue to control Thai society under the systematic power management of the state.

The truth is, if we look back and study history in depth, we will discover that in fact, the beliefs and traditions of the people who lived in this country were initially “Ghost Religion” (animism), or it could be called mystical and supernatural worship.

Later, by reinventing and redefining religious interpretations, the ruling elite established an ideal state. There is a strong moral framework, as well as customary and artificial rituals. That was the invention of the Buddhist land’s Likay theater, where rocks and bricks are sacred and people are taught to worship these objects as gods that transcend human freedom and exert pressure on individuals and society. In contrast to the modern world, which values human liberty and rights.

And, despite the passing of decades, these myths remain profoundly rooted in Thai culture. Hard to dismantle.

‘The Place’ (2022), Oil on linen, size 110 x 150 cm.


‘The Pink Tank’ (2022), Oil on linen, size 150×180 cm

‘Homage’ (2022),180×180 cm. oil on linen

‘Pink Stone’ (2022), Oil on linen, 150 x 150 cm.

‘The Law’ (2022), Oil on linen, size 90 x 90 cm.

‘The Deathnote’ (2021), Oil on ,linen, 60 x 60 cm


‘Love Scene’ (2022), Oil on linen, size 120 x 160 cm

The Place (2022), Oil on linen ,110×150 cm


‘Drug dealer’ (2022), Oil on linen, size 120 x 160 cm.

The Preacher (2022),Oil on linen ,size 150×150 cm

‘The Yellow Doll’ (2022), Oil on linen ,size 150×150 cm

The Follower (2019),Oil on linen, size 180×180 cm


‘Set of white altar table’ (2022), Oil on linen, size 120×160 cm

‘Dinosaur got gold grillz’ (2020), Oil on linen, size 100 x 120 cm


The Vulture (2022), Oil on linen, size 100×100 cm

The Stone (2022), Oil on linen, size 170×200 cm

‘The Spirit House’ (2022), Wood & Mirror, size 30x40x70 cm

‘Set of altar table’ (2022), Wood & Candle, 60 x 48 x 75 cm